Press Clipping

Spins: Espaces libres

by Dean Cottrill in L’Express d’Ottawa, March 17, 2005 on Espaces libres [3776]

Trudel weaves some intriguing Freudian slips of the fingers in with some sprightly tonal essays that evoke the work of Jarrett at times (Ciel variable and Sur la route). A grand piano is a heavy solo instrument, but she takes it places it hasn’t quite been before, passing fluently from spacey atonal fields of sound to more rhythmic inside confines. The miniature improvs (En amont 1-5) act as buffers between the more lengthy compositions, lending an edginess to the overall mood. Her sources in part derive from an eclectic resumé, having worked with artists as varied as Charles Aznavour and Juan Carlos Cáceres, as well as composing for Bernard Primeau’s Jazz Ensemble. In all, it seems to cast something of a Debussian Nocturnes or Preludes shadow.


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