“Montréal-based pianist and composer Marianne Trudel is an influential figure on the national scene in Canada. […] She seeks to retain the crucial element of spontaneity that makes improvised music so exciting. “When I walk on stage, there needs to be a notion of risk. I don’t want to know exactly what will happen in advance.” Trudel’s enthusiasm is infectious and there can be little doubt that she will revel in sharing that delight in risk taking with UK audiences. If Trudel achieves her stated aims, people will leave the concerts feeling transported and moved. They are not to be missed.” — Dan Paton, LondonJazzNews, September 2016 [5594]

“Each project that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing — such as Trifolia in 2013 — and the many performances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival — has been a delight. This musician exhibits thoroughness and earnestness that are rarely equaled. She seems to be completely invested in her music.” — Nicolas Pelletier, RREVERB, January 2015 [5295] → Read the full text

“The three times I’ve seen Marianne Trudel perform in person, she’s radiated rapture. Alert at the piano, she looked possessed by her music, expressions of intent thoughtfulness and unfettered joy alternately crossing her face.” — Neil Hobkirk, Wall of Sound, December 2014 [5297]

La vie commence ici is a title that emphasizes the open-mindedness and warmth of young pianist Marianne Trudel.” — Gilles Boisclair, SOCAN, Paroles & Musique, December 2014 [5291]

“And if there is always a question mark related to this type of performance, Marianne Trudel maintains that it is precisely this type of vertigo that represents the essence of jazz. Going on stage without knowing exactly what will happen. Being in the moment, always.” — Guillaume Bourgault-Côté, Le Devoir, September 2013 [4996]

“Whether she is writing for the 17 musicians of Montreal’s Orchestre national de jazz or for a trio, Marianne always puts forward a greatly refined musical offering.” — Mathieu Charlebois, L’actualité, September 2013 [5055]

Trudel, the hottest young pianist on the Montréal jazz scene.” — JD Considine, The Globe and Mail, September 2013 [4990]

“She takes the piano through all the musical styles, from jazz to classical, including a taste of rhythms from around the world. The pianist-composer-improviser explores and pushes her instrument to its limits and beyond.” — Isabelle Craig, Radio-Canada: Médium large, August 2013 [4970]

“Amongst the not-to-be-missed, it is worth mentioning the presence of Marianne Trudel.” — Voir, August 2013 [5057]

“Marianne is one of our great Canadian pianistic talents and more people need to hear her music” — Ken Pickering, Vancouver International Jazz Festival Blog, May 2013 [4919]

“An extraordinary pianist […] Marianne Trudel is one of the most respected jazz musicians in Quebec…” — Radio-Canada — Première chaîne, August 2012 [4752]

“Eclectic, she likes jazz in all its forms and thus puts forward a wealth of musical offerings.” — Radio-Canada — Première chaîne, August 2012 [4753]

“Personally, I much prefer applauding these exceptionally gifted young women of jazz who are occupying more and more space in the jazz world; Esperanza Spalding, […] Géraldine Laurent, Gretchen Parlato […] Marianne Trudel…” — Alain Brunet, La Presse, March 2011 [4420]

“Talented pianist Marianne Trudel enhances the encounters with passion and intelligence.” — Sorties Jazz Nights, October 2009 [3906]

“… Marianne Trudel has made her way on our jazz scene so as to become an authentic and indispensable part of it.” — Stanley Péan, Radio-Canada: Blogue, June 2009 [3849] → Read the full text

“… the crème de la crème of home-grown jazz, […] [among them] the excellent pianist Marianne Trudel joins forces with harmonicist Lévy Bourbonnais.” — Stanley Péan, Voir, June 2009 [3836] → Read the full text

“One of the most active pianists and composers in the Montréal scene, Marianne Trudel, like many of her colleagues, has multiple projects underway…” — Annie Landreville, La Scena Musicale #14:8, May 2009 [3801]

Marianne Trudel is an unfailingly perfect piano accompanist…” — Gabriel Bélanger, SOCAN, Paroles & Musique #16:1, March 2009 [3850]

“The least that can be said about this ubiquitous thirty something woman pianist, composer arranger and multiple band leader is that she is has a seemingly endless supply of energy to burn.” — Alain Brunet, La Presse, June 2008 [3800] → Read the full text

“As a prelude to the MIJF, the OFF Jazz Festival [of Montreal] proposes, for the ninth consecutive year, substantial programming that is more resolutely jazz-oriented than the eclecticism-favouring big event. Watch for the Septet of pianist Marianne Trudel…” — Stanley Péan, Voir, June 2008 [3584] → Read the full text

“For the many who feel that the [Montreal International] Jazz Festival doesn’t give enough visibility to the local jazz scene, or perhaps to jazz as a whole, the OFF [Jazz Festival (of Montreal) ] has been filling this need for nine years already! Not to be missed[…] the Sun Ra Arkestra, the Marianne Trudel Septet.” — Patrick Baillargeon, Voir, May 2008 [3587] → Read the full text

“Marianne is nothing like the cliched image we could have of a young jazz composer. She is young, electric like her hair, contemporary like her piano technique.” — Sarah Lévesque, SOCAN, Paroles & Musique, March 2008 [3561] → Read the full text

“For me […] music needs to have an edge, and it needs to have risk involved, and it needs to evolve, that’s what jazz means to me.” — Mike Chamberlain, Coda Magazine #336, November 2007 [3848]

“… Trudel, Dresser and Freedman will join forces for what will no doubt be a very exciting program of original music.” — Mike Chamberlain, Hour, November 2006 [3794] → Read the full text

“At 29 years of age, the Montréal pianist Marianne Trudel has already accompanied the great Charles Aznavour. […] The very portrait of a much sought-after young woman.” — Le Journal de Montréal, August 2006 [3793]

“… one of them bringing together up and coming pianist Marianne Trudel and saxophonist Philippe Lauzier with two talented European counterparts, French drummer Toma Gouband and trumpeter Niels Ostendorf.” — Marc Chénard, La Scena Musicale, June 2005 [3790]

“A few decades from now, who knows if [Lorraine Desmarais] will, in turn, recommend the pianists she has mentored and who are beginning to make their mark [like Marianne Trudel]…” — Alain Brunet, La Presse, April 2005 [3789]

“… featuring Marianne Trudel on piano and Kent Sangster on soprano saxophone, in which the interplay was magnificent.” — Doug Thiessen, Rocky Mountain Outlook, May 2004 [3784]

Michelle Grégoire from Winnipeg and Marianne Trudel from Montréal […] a piano duet that had the audience shouting approval…” — Doug Thiessen, Rocky Mountain Outlook, May 2004 [3783]

“… a young musician to watch, Marianne Trudel.” — Catherine Morency, Voir, June 2002 [3779] → Read the full text

“The 14-piece orchestra conducted by Scott Price [… is made up as much] of fresh faces (the excellent young pianist Marianne Trudel) as of seasoned musicians (drummer Paul Brochu) …” — Marie-Christine Blais, La Presse, April 2002 [3780]

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