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Podworthy: Vol d’essai

par Irwin Block in The Gazette (Québec), 18 octobre 2007 à propos de Sands of Time (Live) [3798]

Pianist Marianne Trudel weaves classical influences into a modern jazz context that includes various styles of free improvisation on this second CD under her name. It is a showcase, combining five pieces, recorded live with her band at the Lion d’Or during last year’s L’OFF Festival de Jazz, with three in the studio. Trudel is at her best on ballads like Vol d’essai, where we hear her sensitive and sensible voice. Parcours, lasting 15 minutes, is the most substantial piece, displaying solid arranging and improv talents. Sur la route, built around a samba rhythm, is a lighter piece showing her versatility — it won the Galaxie award for best new composition at this summer’s Montréal International Jazz Festival.

Rating 4 — Wonderful

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