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La vie commence ici
Marianne Trudel
Justin Time Records (JTR 8588, 2014)

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  • ADISQ 2015 — Nomination
  • Juno 2015 — Nomination
  • Prix Opus 2014-15: Disque de l’année — Jazz — Finaliste


Energetic, impassioned pianist and composer Marianne Trudel offers us her latest album and project La vie commence ici [Life Begins Here!]. One again, this artist has successfully combined the best ingredients in order to deliver music that will touch connoisseurs and neophytes alike; an exceptional group that joins forces with the extraordinary New York trumpeter Ingrid Jensen. Take the plunge into adventure… Life begins here!

“In each leaf, each wave, each stone
Each gesture, each look
A laugh, a kiss, a tear
Oh! A heron! Did you see?
Life. Here. Now.
Every second.
Immense and fragile

Track Listing


Trudel wrote all the tunes, many of which carry an emotional intensity. A fine record from the Canadian pianist and her band. Three Cheers.” — Patrick Hadfield, LondonJazzNews (UK), May 2015 Read the full text

“… Trudel’s material can suggest Mozart, at other times Ravel, […] developing a meditative depth that communicates a reverence for life.” — Stuart Broomer, The WholeNote #20:5 (Canada), February 2015

“Pianist Marianne Trudel, the idea-rich Montreal-infused jazz dynamo, is celebrating her Juno nomination in the jazz category. In La vie commence ici, for which she worked in tandem with trumpeter Ingrid Jensen, everything is in its place for a MAJOR colour-juxtaposing album.” — Christophe Rodriguez, Sorties Jazz Nights (Québec), January 2015 Read the full text

“Unfolding decisively with anthemic uplift, “Soon” impacts mission statement-style, like a musical calling card. Here’s a composer, it announces, with her own identifiable sound. […] Absolute perfection of the track sequence, which sustains a palpable non-verbal narrative right across the record. In light of such accomplished unity, let’s consider this whole album a calling card—a signifier of Marianne Trudel’s brilliant presence and promise. […] The two-minute “Question” breathes the same rarified atmosphere as Ives’ The Unanswered Question and Copland’s Quiet City. The four-minute “Night heron” begins as a similarly elemental snippet, but after a minute and a half of abstract equivocation the duo breaks out a gorgeous Trudelian melody delivered haltingly, mirroring a beauty fleetingly glimpsed.” — Neil Hobkirk, Wall of Sound (Canada), December 2014 Read the full text

“Pianist Marianne Trudel always puts forward high calibre jazz, and this album featuring trumpeter Ingrid Jensen is no exception. The solos are as inspired as the compositions, and the finesse of the arrangements is only matched by the dexterity of the pianist.” — Mathieu Charlebois, L’actualité (Québec), December 2014

“Piece by piece, Marianne Trudel is building a body of work that is increasingly mature and sensitive.” — Gilles Boisclair, SOCAN, Paroles & Musique (Canada), December 2014 Read the full text

“An excellent new release from pianist Marianne Trudel. La vie commence ici comes off as being very centered. There’s a calm to the music even when things get a bit heated. Soloists are provided optimal conditions to express their thoughts, and the way in which their solos, more often than not, build on the group vision rather than focus on just their own individual perspective is the element that provides the album its sense of flawless completion. It’s one of those albums that resonates strongly by keeping things simple and honing its focus.” — Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm (USA), November 2014 Read the full text

“Refined writing, 10 very personal tracks, an invitation to journey. Ingrid Jensen is majestic.” — Christophe Rodriguez, Le Journal de Montréal (Québec), November 2014

“Terrifically resonant recording from pianist Trudel, who doesn’t seem to be doing anything very complicated, and yet each song is supremely engaging to where it becomes nearly impossible to do anything other than sit back and listen.” — Dave Sumner, Wondering Sound (USA), October 2014 Read the full text

“Undulating and soothing, the music on her album doesn’t need a single lyric to resonate powerfully […] Inspiration, sensitivity, and melodies all flow organically from the source.” — Yves Bergeras, Le Droit (Québec), October 2014 Read the full text

“There are no lyrics, but it sings, it really speaks to us!” — Élizabeth Gagnon, Radio-Canada — Espace MU (Québec), October 2014

“A musician who is gifted, vivacious and always on her toes […] impressionistic music, soaring, graceful lines full of warmth. A radiant album!” — Ralph Boncy, Voir (Québec), October 2014

“The engaging pianist […] admirable musician and composer, always inspiring […] offers us a brand new original work. Respect, Marianne. And thank you for this ode to nature, for this beautifully composed music and these flawless soaring lines.” — Frédéric Cardin, Radio-Canada — Espace MU (Québec), October 2014

“This quintet renders us speechless. This is what pianist, composer and improviser Marianne Trudel seems to have done even better in a small ensemble. Jazz that is cohesive, relatively consonant, highly melodic, very harmonically rich. The excellent individual and collective improvisations really complement Marianne Trudel’s mature, accomplished compositions.” — Alain Brunet, La Presse (Québec), October 2014

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