Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal

Dans la forêt de ma mémoire

Atma Classique (ACD 22730, 2015)

Dans la forêt de ma mémoire est une composition de Marianne Trudel, commande d’œuvre de l’Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal (ONJM). Une suite en 7 mouvements présentée en première mondiale le 1er mai 2014 à l’Astral et inspirée par les personnalités des musiciens de l’orchestre et trois invités spéciaux: Anne Schaefer (voix), Ingrid Jensen (trompette) et Robbie Kuster (batterie). Details

Marianne Trudel

La vie commence ici

Justin Time Records (JTR 8588, 2014)

ADISQ 2015 — Nomination • Félix 2015 — Nomination • Juno 2015 — Nomination • Prix Opus 2014-15: Disque de l’année — Jazz — Finaliste

Energetic, impassioned pianist and composer Marianne Trudel offers us her latest album and project La vie commence ici (Life Begins Here). One again, this artist has successfully combined the best ingredients in order to deliver music that will touch connoisseurs and neophytes alike; an exceptional group that joins forces with the extraordinary New York trumpeter Ingrid Jensen. Take the plunge into adventure… Life begins here! Details


Le refuge

[Independent] (TRUD 20131, 2013)

Juno 2014 — Nomination • Prix Opus 2012-13: Disque de l’année — Jazz

“Abounding, articulate, generous, up-lifting. Prodigious.” Details

Marianne Trudel Septet

Espoir et autres pouvoirs

Effendi Records (FND 109, 2011)

Prix Opus 2010-11: Disque de l’année jazz — Finaliste • Félix 2011: Album de l’année — Jazz — Nomination • ADISQ 2011 — Nomination

Marianne Trudel, piano; Anne Schaefer, voice; Lina Allemano, trumpet; Jean-Olivier Bégin, trombone; Jocelyn Veilleux, french horn; Normand Guilbeault, double bass; Philippe Melanson, drum set. Jim Doxas, drum set on M (trio-live) . Details

Duo Trudel-Bourbonnais


[Independent] (TRUD 20091, 2009)

The musical world proposed by the piano-harmonica duet of the Duo Trudel-Bourbonnais is an enticing one to discover. Throughtout their program of ten impressionistic pieces of ethereal moods and occasional bitter-sweet melancholy, the musicians draw the listener into tonal landscapes of endless beauty. Details

Marianne Trudel Quintet

Sands of Time (Live)

[Independent] (TRUD 20071, 2007)

Marianne Trudel, pianist and composer, delivers a work of exceptional quality! Sands of Time by the Marianne Trudel Quintet brings together those first-rate elements that make jazz a unique and powerful experience: energy, originality, chemistry, passion, vigour, and integrity. Catchy melodies, solid grooves, and truly inspired improvisations make this second opus an album that will charm sophisticated and casual listeners alike! An amazing band, bursting with ideas and talent, recorded live in concert at the Lion d'Or on June 25, 2006. Details

Marianne Trudel

Espaces libres

[Independent] (TRUD 2004, 2004)

Marianne Trudel offers a rich quilt of sonic colours seemlessly stitched together with a keen sense of compositional design and deft improvisational gestures. Drawing equally on the classical, jazz and free improv idioms, she cleverly balances these influences out on a razor's edge. Details

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