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Marianne Trudel
Productions Marianne Trudel (TRUD 2004, 2004)

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Marianne Trudel offers a rich quilt of sonic colours seemlessly stitched together with a keen sense of compositional design and deft improvisational gestures. Drawing equally on the classical, jazz and free improv idioms, she cleverly balances these influences out on a razor’s edge.

Marianne Trudel: piano.

Track Listing

  • 01. Selva Blanca
  • 02. Au-delà de soi
  • 03. En amont 1
  • 04. Kaléidoscope
  • 05. En amont 2
  • 06. Ciel variable
  • 07. En amont 3
  • 08. Éjos
  • 09. En amont 4
  • 10. Sur la route
  • 11. En aval
  • 12. Le cœur accordéon
  • 13. L’argent ou les étoiles?
  • 14. On s’en fout
  • 15. En amont 5
  • 16. Berceuse


“The melodies are creative and luscious. To be shared with everyone.” — Gabriel Bélanger, SOCAN, Paroles & Musique #12:3 (Canada), September 2005 Read the full text

“… a creative personality bearing freedom and imagination […] young creator who seems to stay off the beaten path…” — Nicolas Fréchette, L’Express d’Outremont (Québec), May 2005

“[This] solo album […] could perhaps be compared to that of Gonzales for the delicacy that emanates, for the rich inner nature.” — Alain Brunet, La Presse (Québec), April 2005 Read the full text

“A grand piano is a heavy solo instrument, but she takes it places it hasn’t quite been before…” — Dean Cottrill, L’Express d’Ottawa (Canada), March 2005 Read the full text

“Just like her music, Marianne Trudel is lively, impassioned.” — Louis-Charles Mignot-Grenier, Quartier Libre #12:12 (Québec), February 2005 Read the full text

“… a gentle rebellion, a true reflection of this independent artist who looks after every aspect of her career, from creation […] to production.” — Denys Lelièvre, Voir (Québec), February 2005

“Sixteen finely crafted poetic tracks, a superb work that is never redundant and an assurance in performance that foretells of great things to come. Absolutely worth staying tuned!” — Christophe Rodriguez, Le Journal de Montréal (Québec), February 2005

“… French lyricism, clear rhythmical strains derived from listening to artists like Keith Jarrett, free improvisation and the wide-ranging melodicism of world music.” — Paul Serralheiro, La Scena Musicale (Québec), November 2004 Read the full text

“… the honouring of silence, ‘a rare commodity’ in a world where people are always over-stimulated…” — Anne Drolet, Le Soleil (Québec), September 2004 Read the full text

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