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Sands of Time (Live)
Marianne Trudel Quintet
Productions Marianne Trudel (TRUD 20071, 2007)

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Marianne Trudel, pianist and composer, delivers a work of exceptional quality! Sands of Time by the Marianne Trudel Quintet brings together those first-rate elements that make jazz a unique and powerful experience: energy, originality, chemistry, passion, vigour, and integrity. Catchy melodies, solid grooves, and truly inspired improvisations make this second opus an album that will charm sophisticated and casual listeners alike! An amazing band, bursting with ideas and talent, recorded live in concert at the Lion d’Or on June 25, 2006.

Marianne Trudel Quintet: Marianne Trudel: piano; Rob Mosher: soprano sax, oboe; Jonathan Stewart: tenor saxophone; Morgan Moore: bass; Robbie Kuster: drums.

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“Here is one group under the fine leadership of an all-round composer, pianist and improviser. Marianne Trudel’s main assets, apart for her abilities as bandleader, are her sensitivity, imagination and sense of taste.” — Alain Brunet, La Presse (Québec), October 2007 Read the full text

“… like a fine wine, the music of this young pianist has been maturing nicely over time. […] Marianne Trudel reveals herself to be an adventurous composer and an impoviser full of fresh ideas.” — Stanley Péan, Voir (Québec), October 2007 Read the full text

Parcours […] is the most substantial piece, displaying solid arranging and improv talents. […] Trudel is at her best on ballads […] where we hear her sensitive and sensible voice.” — Irwin Block, The Gazette (Québec), October 2007 Read the full text

“Inquisitive by nature and open to musical encounters of all kind, Marianne Trudel seems to have found her voice here…” — Félix-Antoine Hamel, La Scena Musicale #13:2 (Québec), October 2007 Read the full text

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