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Duo Trudel-Bourbonnais
Productions Marianne Trudel (TRUD 20091, 2009)

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The musical world proposed by the piano-harmonica duet of the Duo Trudel-Bourbonnais is an enticing one to discover. Throughtout their program of ten impressionistic pieces of ethereal moods and occasional bitter-sweet melancholy, the musicians draw the listener into tonal landscapes of endless beauty.

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“Truly gentle and never dull, this album is quite simply lovely and soothing.” — Annie Landreville, La Scena Musicale (Québec), December 2009

“We follow their stories with a sustained interest that makes this album a captivating immersive experience.” — Gabriel Bélanger, SOCAN, Paroles & Musique #16:4 (Canada), December 2009

“As for the playing, a piano and harmonica could easily get in one another’s way, but Trudel avoids this by focusing on melody and intelligent use of musical space, leaving room for Bourbonnais’ musings” — Mike Chamberlain, Hour (Québec), October 2009 Read the full text

“At the piano, Trudel displays a sensitivity that distiguishes her from many local pianists.” — Serge Truffaut, Le Devoir (Québec), October 2009 Read the full text

“With fine-tuned sensitivity, composer Marianne Trudel seizes another opportunity to shine, to harness and channel first-rate intuition.” — Alain Brunet, La Presse (Québec), October 2009 Read the full text

“Imbued with imagination, poetry and melancoly, their musical dialogue reveals the composer’s temperament and the admirable eclecticism so clearly demonstrated by Trudel, a genuine treasure of the local jazz scene.” — Stanley Péan, Voir (Québec), October 2009 Read the full text

“A long voyage that is seductive, harmonically brilliant and sensitive.” — Christophe Rodriguez, Sorties Jazz Nights (Québec), October 2009 Read the full text

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