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Le refuge
Productions Marianne Trudel (TRUD 20131, 2013)

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  • Juno 2014 — Nomination
  • Prix Opus 2012-13: Disque de l’année — Jazz


“Abounding, articulate, generous, up-lifting. Prodigious.”

— Richard Desjardins, May 2013

The word “trifolia” is often applied to a plant that has three leaves. In the case of this trio, the three musicians of Trifolia form a dynamic, living unit, sharing with audiences everywhere their passion for heartfelt communication through sound. The encounter of three extraordinary artists of different horizons creates this astonishing musical overlapping of jazz, romantic music and global rhythms. A mesmerizing incursion into a sound universe both varied and rich. Brilliant compositions, overflowing passion and a remarkable complicity are the hallmark of this new group, which is garnering enthusiastic praise at every turn.

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“Montréal pianist Marianne Trudel assembles her music from a spectrum of elements, mixing jazz, folk, pop, classical and world music into a compelling original mix.” — Stuart Broomer, The WholeNote, October 2013

“Part of the trio’s charm is its sheer stylistic and sonic breadth […] It’s amaible, unusually tuneful music that just keep surprising.” — Stuart Broomer, The WholeNote, October 2013

“Together, the three accomplices blur quite superbly the boundaries that supposedly separate jazz, classical (sometimes reminiscent of Satie) and world music.” — Mathieu Charlebois, L’actualité, September 2013

“At the crossroads of diverse influences, her works are remarkably rich and in them we can find some surprising hybrids.” — Gabriel Bélanger, SOCAN, Paroles & Musique #20:3, September 2013

“Envol is a thoughtful, bitter sweet ballad suggestive of an entire movie […] the ecologically-aware intelligence at work behind tunes such as “Terra Firma” or “La nuit, les lucioles where tiny pings, drips and other abstract percussive sounds suggest untouched landscapes.” — Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star, August 2013

“While the approach is resolutely jazz, it is nonetheless hybrid. Their music is so evocative and expressive that we could consider it cinematographic jazz.” — Éric Aussant, Metro, July 2013

Marianne Trudel can be moody and atmospheric or bright and persuasive, mixing elements of various genres into a journey through a quiet storm.” — Bernard Perusse, The Gazette, July 2013

“There are performers who are storytellers… This is no fairytale! Don’t delay in discovering this new offering […] Just like a voyage, an open book […] As exquisite as anyone could hope!” — Christophe Rodriguez, Le Journal de Montréal, June 2013

“Rich harmonic language that leaves no room for doubt, tonal or modal approaches, music with Romantic-era influences, contemporary jazz, folk, Early Music atmospheres at the intersection of the Orient and Europe. It is clear that Marianne Trudel’s piano technique has risen to even greater heights.” — Alain Brunet, La Presse, June 2013

“If there is justice in the jazz world, pianist Marianne Trudel should be on the edge of a breakout. She is playing with confidence and creativity and her compositions bristle with fresh ideas and a real sense of purpose.” — James Hale, Jazz Chronicles, June 2013

Marianne Trudel avec son sens de la mélodie, sa vision musicale et son toucher pianistique perlé constituent la base trifoliée idéale sur laquelle s’appuie le trio […] Peu importe où elle va et comment elle s’y rend, la personnalité musicale, attachante et séduisante de Marianne Trudel demeure toujours intacte. À écouter sans fautes.” — Frédéric Cardin, Radio-Canada: Médium large, June 2013

“Décidément, Marianne Trudel ne cessera jamais de nous étonner […] Sur des thèmes originaux, complexes et envoûtants, Trudel fait montre d’audace et d’assurance […] Et que dire de son sens du lyrisme? Vraiment, cette femme est poète. Cote: 4.5” — Stanley Péan, Voir, June 2013

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