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Portraits: Songs of Joni Mitchell
Marianne Trudel, Karen Young
[Independent] (TRUD 2018-01, 2018)

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Marianne Trudel et Karen Young, deux artistes exceptionnelles, entières et attachantes, se joignent ici dans une relecture tout à fait originale et extrêmement touchante des chansons de Joni Mitchell. Un piano, une voix: atmosphérique, intime, et émouvant. Un disque fabuleux qui respire la liberté, la tendresse, et la spontanéité.

Track Listing

  • 01. Man From Mars
  • 02. Cactus Tree
  • 03. The Dry Cleaner From the Moines
  • 04. Both Sides Now
  • 05. Cherokee Louise
  • 06. Shine
  • 07. Sunny Sunday
  • 08. Tin Angel
  • 09. California
  • 10. Last Chance Lost
  • 11. Borderline


“While the free-spirited Montréal duo focuses on lesser-known music by the iconic Canadian singer-songwriter, the disc’s version of Both Sides Now is a tour de force.” — Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen (Canada), December 2018

“In the body of work by tremendous artist Joni Mitchell, jazz exists on a diagonal. Its presence is sometimes evident, sometimes subtle, a few colours in the rich tableaux of the most important Canadian catalogue after Leonard Cohen’s. The project of Karen Young (vocals) and Marianne Trudel (piano and arrangements) could not have better exalted and showcased this aspect. The poetry, the harmonies: nothing but beauty. In one piece: Both Sides Now.” — Guillaume Bourgault-Côté, Le Devoir (Québec), December 2018

“**** — Karen Young superbly embodies the style and spirit of Joni Mitchell while remaining entirely true to herself. For her part, Marianne Trudel proposes much more than accompaniment to her collaborator; the improvisations, harmonic extrapolations, and ornementation offered here are at once understated, respectful, and highly creative. These performers have mastered this repertoire and are among our most accomplished jazzwomen.” — Alain Brunet, La Presse (Québec), November 2018

“**** — Portraits: Songs of Joni Mitchell: a serious candidate for next year’s best jazz album!” — Ralph Boncy, Voir (Québec), October 2018

“What a dream team! Pianist Marianne Trudel broke open her piggybank to make this passion project album, throwing herself into it with all her creative capacity, trusting utterly in the experience and imagination of Karen Young, a national treasure of spontaneity.” — Ralph Boncy, Voir (Québec), October 2018

“Pianist Marianne Trudel and singer Karen Young join together to produce a poetic and human portrait of singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell … Gentleness, tenderness, and warmth.” — Benjamin Goron, Sorties Jazz Nights (Québec), October 2018

“A piano and a voice. This, in all its simplicity, is how Karen Young and Marianne Trudel pay homage to Joni Mitchell in an album of immense quality: freely and tenderly. The two women, united by a constant bond, become one to offer soothing songs, but also know how to make things more lively.” — Normand Provencher, Le Soleil (Québec), October 2018

“… an album of such refinement, liberty, respect, quality…” — Sylvain Cormier, Le Devoir (Québec), October 2018 Read the full text

“The beauty, poetry, and richness of Joni Mitchell’s songs have found a perfect vehicle for expression in the duo formed by Montréalers Karen Young and Marianne Trudel.” — Frédéric Cardin, Ici musique (Québec), October 2018 Read the full text

“… an album burning with emotion and truth.” — Marika Simard, Metro (Québec), October 2018

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