Projects and Ensembles

Marianne Trudel Septet

  • Marianne Trudel: piano / composition
  • Anne Schaefer: voice
  • Lina Allemano: trumpet
  • Jean-Olivier Bégin: trombone
  • Jocelyn Veilleux: French horn
  • Normand Guilbeault: double bass
  • Philippe Melanson: drums, percussion

Founded by pianist Marianne Trudel in 2008, this ensemble is comprised of musicians based in New York, Montréal and Victoria (BC). With three brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn), female voice and rhythm section, this band perfoms a program of original music penned by its leader.

“The Earth warms. A heart beats. A bird sings, but we do not hear it. Stop. Rethink everything. Right down to the root of our humanity.”

Marianne Trudel Septet, 4/2009

Image: Benoit Durand-Jodoin, 4/2009


Marianne Trudel Septet: Marianne Trudel, Anne Schaefer, Normand Guilbeault, Jim Doxas, Jean-Olivier Bégin, Lina Allemano, Jocelyn Veilleux, Montréal, Québec, 6/21/2008

Image: Pierre Crépô, 6/21/2008


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